Tarot Card Reading & Certified Numerologist in Delhi, India
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Tarot Card & Numerology Reading Consultation



Nourish your body , Nourish your soul



It is only when I started living a well-balanced life, my journey to the self-began. I discovered the immensity of my potential, as a matter of fact I still am discovering the world that lies within me- way beyond what I could have ever imagined.


It is only after being in a constant state of good health that I was able to harmonize my mind, body & soul – which in turn led to the start of my journey to beyond, connecting to the universal energies & experiencing true magic of life.


Tarot Reading


Tarot Card reading is nothing in a least of supernatural or mysterious nature, Infact it conveys the idea of “Synchronicity” – identified by Carl jung .He suggested that there is always a reason behind occurrence of every event, it’s never just a coincidence, but always is something way more meaningful.


By using an elaborate system like laying out a Tarot spread , we are invoking synchronicity into our lives & the cards will ‘ just happen’ to have arranged themselves into an order which may tell us something useful about us ,or answer the question we have in mind.


Get your guidance today, let the universe convey to you, what you need to know in that moment.




Numerology is a science that believes in mystical properties of numbers- coming from numbers’ inherent vibrations. As per the theory ,each number has a unique vibration,giving it certain properties.


These properties can shed light onto a person’s behaviour or predict one’s lucky number or dates .Recurring numbers can offer universal clues into how the world works or significance of the relationship between a number & coinciding events in one’s life.


Find out the significance of numbers in your life, from a certified Numerologist in India!

Schedule an initial Consultation with me: to discuss your health & lifestyle today