10 Effective & Must-Try Ways To De-Stress At Work Daily
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10 Effective & Must-Try Ways To De-Stress At Work Daily


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Thanks to the busy and tiring lifestyle we live today, stress has become a part of everybody’s life. Especially if you are a professional who spends majority of their day in the office, sitting on a desk in front of a computer, you are bound to suffer from work-related stress every once in a while.

While it is okay to feel stressed out occasionally, the problem starts when stress becomes a part of your daily life. If left unchecked, it can lead to a number of health issues like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, insomnia, depression, gastrointestinal problems, etc. So before these ailments make their way into your life, it’s better to find ways of relieving all the pent up tension regularly, in order to live a healthier life.

So how do you effectively de-stress at your workplace, without compromising your work output?

Here are 9 easy and effective ways you can de-stress at your work-place and say hello to a healthier life!

1. Finish The Difficult Work First


Make sure that you tackle all your difficult work, including sorting the pile of emails in your inbox, the first thing after you reach office. This way, you will be able to stay relaxed and less stressed out for the remainder of the day.

2. Move Around


Get up and walk away from your desk at regular intervals. This will not only give your eyes some respite from constantly staring at the screen, but will also help take your mind off your work for sometime. Then you can start fresh and improve your productivity.

3. Call a Friend


Socialize and distract yourself from anxieties by calling up a pal to chat. This way you’ll be able to reconnect with a friend and also forget about your workload for a while.

4. Stretch Your Muscles


Stretching releases tension accumulated in the muscles. Take a break and get up from your desk to stretch your legs and hands, and relax your muscles. Stretching regularly will help in avoiding your bones and muscles from becoming stiff due to long hours of sitting in one position.

5. Create a Visual Distraction


Give your mind a break by looking at photos, artwork, plants, or anything else that stimulates you and helps you relax. You can also look at pictures of your previous holiday, which will bring back good memories and make you feel positive.

6. Soothe Yourself with Music


Unwind at work itself by listening to calming music. Listening to music can work wonders in soothing your senses and relieving stress.

7. Deep Breathing


Relax and take a breather. Focus solely on your breath for a few minutes. Taking deep breaths at regular intervals will help maintain a healthy level of oxygen in your body, and at the same time, will calm your mind very effectively.

8. Come Together at the Water Cooler or Coffee Station


Interacting and having small talks with your colleagues over water or coffee breaks, can not only help in taking your mind off work related stress but also help in building positive relationships with them.

9. Organize your Desk


This will not only act as a constructive break but will also help in relieving stress which may be associated with disorganization. By uncluttering your desk, you will also be able to arrange your work-place as per your present requirements.

10. Eat Right


Have light, healthy snacks throughout the day to remain energized and stress-free. Don’t skip meals and eat healthy food like salads and fruits, or homemade snacks in between meals, to stay fresh throughout the day.


These are just some of the most basic yet very effective ways of de-stressing at your work place. Put them to practice and see how your stress levels reduce over time. Say goodbye to stress and all it’s related health problems now!

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