Weight Loss & Weight Management Consultant in Delhi, India
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This is not another diet that leaves you hungry, irritated and longing for cheat meals and its also not a calorie restricted programme.Nor is it a quick-fix weight loss management programme where you have to deny yourself the foods that you love


The programme is all about understanding your current lifestyle. Re-wiring your eating habits, deconstructing cravings and developing long term sustainable changes.




Initial Consultation Involves:

Exploring your diet lifestyle

Setting goals

Discussing personalized food plan

Lifestyle and supplement advice




Weight Loss

General Health & Nutrition

Fat Loss

Therapeutic Diets

Sports Nutrition

Beat the Bloat

Sugar Flush

Detox Programmes

Glutten Free Diet Programme



Please download Forms, write or print clearly. All of your information will remain confidential.


WOMEN’S Health History


MEN’S Health History



Schedule an initial Consultation with me: to discuss your health & lifestyle today